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mercredi 18 août 2021

Smothered Hamburger Steak


Fun Facts about crabmeat:

There are over 6,700 species of crab.

The Japanese spider crab is the world’s largest crab, measuring 12 to 13 feet across.

Among the world’s smallest crabs are pea crabs which grow to be .4 to .6 inches in diameter.

A group of crabs is called a cast.

Crab nutrition fact: Crab meat is high in vitamin B12, and 2-3 ounces of crab meat is enough to meet adult daily B12 requirements.

Hermit crabs, king Crabs, and horseshoe crabs are false crabs.

False crabs come from the order Anomura while other crabs are classified as Brachyura. Anomura have a smaller last set of legs – which are sometimes not even visible — elongated abdomens and tails like shrimp or lobsters.

Crabs can walk in all directions, but mostly walk and run sideways.

Crabs are decapods, meaning they have 10 legs.

Female crabs can release 1000 to 2000 eggs at once.

The lifespan of a small crab averages around 3-4 years, but larger species such as the giant Japanese spider crab can live as long as 100 years.

Crabs are omnivorous, eating plants like algae and getting meat from mollusks, worms and other crustaceans.

Softshell crabs are simply crabs that have recently molted, so any crab can be a softshell crab. In the US, softshell crabs are usually blue crabs.

Lump and jumbo lump crab meat comes from the swimming legs of the crab.

Crab nutrition fact: Dark meat from the body of the crab and is rich in Omega-3.


2 chopped onions.

2 chopped stalks of celery.

1 tsp of olive oil.

¼ tsp of granulated garlic.

2 ½ cups of chicken broth.

¼ cup of flour.

3 tbsps of lemon juice.

⅛ tsp of cayenne pepper.

2 tsps of tabasco sauce.

1 ½ lb of lump crabmeat.

¼ cup of green chopped onions.

¼ cup of fresh parsley or 1 ½ tbsps of dried parsley.

3 cups of cooked basmati or brown rice.


Sauté the onions with celery in olive oil in a large stockpot for about 10 minutes until softened. Mix in the granulated garlic.

In a large bowl, mix together the chicken broth and flour until smooth and pour over the onions mixture, stir to combine, and bring to a boil then simmer over low heat for 30 minutes until thick.

Mix in the lemon juice, cayenne, tabasco sauce, and shrimp and cook for 5 more minutes.

Mix in the crabmeat, green onions, and parsley and cook for 5 more minutes.

Serve hot over rice and voila!

Simple, easy, and delicious! We love shrimp so much, and with the proper recipe, you will feel the ocean in your dish! Give this one a shot, it’s worth it.


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