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mercredi 21 février 2024

Linguine In Shrimp Cream

                  Linguine In Shrimp Cream 

How to make Linguine In Shrimp Cream 


250g of linguine

200g tailless shrimp

200g shrimp with tail

Olive oil

2 large cloves of garlic

1 hot pepper

1 handful of parsley

1 tsp aglio olio dry seasoning

1 burrata (only the inside)

1 orange

1 organic lemon

Salt pepper


As with many Italian dishes, this one starts with plenty of oil in the pan. Add to that the chopped garlic and the peperoncino.

As soon as everything is gently sweated, heat up, add the first shrimp and deglaze with a good sip of white wine. Once the alcohol has evaporated and the parsley is added, the shrimp are done.

Time to add the pasta to the boiling salted water.

Now put the contents of the pan in a tall container, add the peeled burrata and the orange juice and then puree (100ml cream should also work). A pinch of salt should also not be missing.

After 5 minutes cooking time, stir the dripping wet linguine into the “dirty pan” and add 4,5,6 ladles of pasta water al dente.

A second pan with olive oil should already be at the right temperature, since the second shrimp are now being attacked. The small crustaceans get the finishing touch with the coarse AeO dry spice.

Remove the pan with the linguine from the induction hob and stir in the shrimp orange cream.

Pasta on the plate, 4-5 spoons of cream over it, add the prawns and grate the lemon zest over it.

Enjoy it!

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